Administrative & Regulatory Law

Administrative and Regulatory Law

The lawyers at Bailey & Wyant, PLLC have extensive knowledge and experience in handling matters involving both state and federal regulations, including MSHA, OSHA, the West Virginia Unfair Trade Practices Act and its companion state regulations, rule promulgated by the West Virginia Office of Insurance Commissioner and the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, and many others.

Our attorneys understand the daunting complexity that nearly every type of business or profession faces in dealing with a puzzling mix of federal and state administrative rules and regulations, which govern virtually every aspect of operations.

In addition to aggressively defending citations and violations already issued by state or federal regulators, we offer businesses and professional entities advice and instruction on new or changed standards and related compliance expectations.

Our objective is to use the experience and expertise of our attorneys to relieve frustrations experienced by businesses and professionals with time-consuming administrative procedures and proceedings. We are particularly well-suited to this task due to its extensive contacts with and service as an advisor to various governmental entities.

Utilizing the practical knowledge of our attorneys and their excellent relations with federal and state regulators, we are often able to propose and/or negotiate alternatives for resolving conflicts without burdensome administrative proceedings.

To minimize your regulatory conflicts and save time and money in the process, call our West Virginia administrative lawyers today.

We have represented individuals, businesses, governmental bodies, and insurance companies before the West Virginia Office of the Insurance Commission, Human Rights Commission, Ethics Commission, Public Service Commission, State and Education Employees Grievance Board, and many others. We also frequently represent employers in unemployment hearings.

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