Coal, Oil and Gas Law, Mineral Rights and Mining

Coal, Oil and Gas Law, Mineral Rights and Mining

In West Virginia, no other industry has been as widely criticized than the coal mining industry. At the law firm of Bailey & Wyant, PLLC, we know how pivotal of a role the coal mining industry has played in our state's economy. We proudly represent those in the coal mining production industry in a variety of legal matters.

We defend coal mining operators, mining operations, companies that employ temporary coal miners, land owners, leasing organizations, and other parties who have been accused of causing or contributing to a coal mining accident.

Attorneys at the law firm of Bailey & Wyant also represent parties against property damage claims for flooding or blasting (specifically in mountaintop removal), as well as the manufacturers of allegedly defective mining equipment or products.

If you are representing a coal mining operation or other mining-related business, you can count on Bailey & Wyant for industry-specific representation. Our lawyers are committed to protecting your financial interests against a coal mining accident claim, class action lawsuit, or other claim. We are capable of being heavily involved in the defense of your claim, or simply monitoring your case.

Our coal mining accident lawyers are committed to providing legal representation that is cost-effective and affordable. Spending years in litigation is not in your business' best interests. We will do everything we can to settle your legal matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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