Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Compensation

Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Compensation

At the law firm of Bailey & Wyant, PLLC, we represent businesses and their insurance companies in workers' compensation and unemployment compensation cases.

Over the past few years, we have watched the laws surrounding workers' compensation change again and again. We have kept ahead of these changes. Our team understands the laws and knows how to help our clients resolve claims the right way: effectively, efficiently and affordable.

Bailey & Wyant, PLLC is available to handle workers' compensation cases in West Virginia and throughout the surrounding states. We work with the human resources and loss control departments of businesses and government bodies, as well as third party claims administrators of self-insured employers.

Our energetic, knowledgeable lawyers provide seminars on the topic of workers' compensation. Employers turn to us to learn about how to proactively set up policies to prevent claims and develop procedures to manage claims when they arise. They trust us to see that their business is protected.

When a workers' compensation claim has been filed because an employee says that he or she was injured on the job, we can stand beside you. We will help you determine the legitimacy of the claim.

Our thorough knowledge of rate-making procedures, treatment guidelines and medical disability determination means that we can sort through these matters and provide you the guidance you need.

Our law firm has grown quickly since our establishment in 2000. This growth can be attributed to the fact that we are troubleshooters, ready to take on the most unique challenges. It can be attributed to the fact that we work hard to succeed in every workers' compensation case.

We want to show you the level of strength that we bring to the cases we handle. We want to show you why our clients keep coming back to us when they are faced with a legal challenge.

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