Trucking and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Litigation

Trucking and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Litigation

Truck accidents are all too common in West Virginia. Major interstates I-64, I-77, and I-79 overlap here. West Virginia is a major coal mining and transport state. These and other factors contribute to the numerous accidents and injuries caused on our state's roads and highways each year.

Truck accidents often result in serious injuries and wrongful death. Individuals who have been injured in a truck accident may seek compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death claim. But often, injury victims will seek additional compensation by holding the truck driver or trucking company accountable.

In truck accident defense cases, it is important to work with an attorney who has specific legal experience dealing with the trucking industry. At Bailey & Wyant, PLLC, we have represented both truck drivers and trucking companies who have been accused of causing a trucking accident. We understand the state and federal laws that apply to these cases, as well as the numerous trucking regulations applying to trucking companies and fleet vehicles.

These legal matters can quickly become complicated as a number of issues arise. Often, fleet vehicles are leased or rented in a joint-venture operation. Trucks are limited by size and weight. Drivers must meet specific licensing requirements. Our law firm is familiar with these and other regulatory and legal matters that may apply in your case. Our goal is to protect your financial interests and seek to minimize your liability after a tractor-trailer wreck.

Remember: You have a right to choose an attorney if you are being held civilly responsible for a trucking accident. We can work directly with your insurance company in these matters.

We also handle automobile liability cases.

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