Industrial Bodily Injury Claims

Industrial Bodily Injury Claims

Bailey & Wyant, PLLC, has extensive experience in representing clients confronted by administrative disputes and civil litigation arising from workplace injuries and deliberate intent claims, especially those complicated by complex contractual indemnification and/or insurance coverage battles with contractors, subcontractors and insurers.

From Workers Compensation claims to civil lawsuits alleging exposure to unsafe working conditions, Bailey & Wyant's attorneys implement aggressive defense strategies up-front to ensure the most positive and expedient outcomes possible. Bailey & Wyant has developed an effective network of highly qualified and credentialed engineering and specialty experts whose strength is simplifying complex issues for jurors in a manner that is both convincing and easier to understand.

Bailey & Wyant's expertise with workplace accidents include construction, mining, timbering, logging and trucking operations, as well as a diverse complement of manufacturing, warehouse and service industries statewide. Bailey & Wyant's attorneys also pride themselves on helping clients stay abreast of legal issues and trends that help minimize their potential liability exposure for workplace accidents.

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