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Posted by Charles R. Bailey | Mar 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

Our attorneys are always on the move, which means they are turning to podcasts to keep them informed. Whether they're tuning in to learn new things, or purely for entertainment, Bailey & Wyant attorneys are simply listening.

We believe effective leadership in any field is begins with the art of listening and taking the time to hear and process information is vitally important within our work. Podcasts give us the content we are interested in, while providing an easy to use and convenient technology that moves with us when we are on the go.

As podcasts are seeing continued, steady growth, a niche following of listeners are tuning into True Crime podcasts. But for those who are just getting started, be aware that the information in these podcasts may be too much for some listeners to handle.

Bailey & Wyant Equity Member, John Fuller generally listens to podcasts for entertainment. He has his recommendations divided into two categories, true crime focused on one single crime throughout a season or episodic podcasts that devote a single episode to a single subject.

Category 1: True crime focused on one singe crime through a season

  • A Killing on the Cape
  • Bear Brook
  • Cold
  • Convicted
  • Death
  • Empire on Blood
  • Gladiator
  • Mared & Karen
  • Over my dead body
  • Serial
  • Someone Knows Something
  • The Drop Out
  • The Wonderland Murders
  • Uncover
  • Up and Vanished
  • Vanished
  • Young Charlie
  • Crimetown

Category 2: True Crime episodic podcasts that devote a single episode to a single subject.

  • American Scandal
  • Casefile
  • Court Junkie
  • Criminology
  • Killafornia Dreaming
  • Kingpins
  • Mafia
  • Southern Fried True Crime
  • Swindled
  • Sword and Scale
  • Sworn

Member, Michael Taylor likes listening to in-depth crime podcasts where he can listen to both sides being presented, as well as the different theories and arguments by the lawyers during the case.

“I enjoy any podcast that presents a mystery with detailed evidence from an in-depth investigation,” said Taylor. “I like the challenge of tyring to solve the mystery with the information presented.”

  • Court Junkie
  • Up and Vanished
  • Criminology

Taylor also enjoys spending his free time outdoors, preferably by the water, so he can fish. He recommends the following podcast for fellow fly fishing enthusiasts.

  • The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide

Whether you're just starting to listen to podcasts, or you are looking for a new show to download we hope you find entertainment in our recommendations.

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